May 27

Koen Vanmechelen - The Cosmopolitan Chicken "In Research" | Diepenbeek

One artist (Koen Vanmechelen), three renowned scientists (prof. Rik Pinxten, Prof Marleen Temmerman and prof. Leif Andersson) and one exceptional curator (dr. Tomasz Wendland) will meet each other at the crossroads of arts and science. All lectures will be held in English. This symposium will be held on Thursday 27th May, 2.00 p.m. University of Hasselt, Agoralaan, bldg. D, room H6, 3590 Diepenbeek. Free Entrance, but registration is obligated before 21st of may 2010.

This event is made possible with the financial support of the European Fund for Regional Development (Doelstelling 2 Vlaanderen), the Flemish Community and the foundation ‘LSM’

Nov 24

Skills³ Master Class | Liège

The Master Class offers you as a student or young professional in life sciences the perfect opportunity to learn about the companies in your region and to meet them personally. We developed an attractive program in which you can work on your presentation skills that are necessary  for a successful job interview. You also get the chance to enhance your curriculum with knowledge, insights and experiences that companies find important. That’s why they offer you their workshops!

Dec 01

Proteomics workshop | Aachen

UHasselt organizes, together with its euregional partners, a two day workshop on drug target discovery. Understanding the interactions of small molecules with proteins is a challenging task but extremely important in various aspects of life, e.g. to assess side effects of drug candidates or to identify proteins within signaling pathways. The company Caprotec has developed a groundbreaking chemical biology approach to reduce the complexity of protein mixtures in a targeted and directed manner. The Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry (CCMS) technology is based on tri-functional captur compoundsTM which enable capturing and isolating proteins based on their functionality. In this hands-on workshop, the attendees will receive an overview on CCMS technology and applications.

Participation is for free, but registration is mandatory (

Max. number of participants is 12.  



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