26 November 2010

The new German “Wirtschaftswunder”

The Belgian job magazine vacature.com discusses in one of its recent numbers, the new German “Wirtschaftswunder”. In the article 4 important reasons for this wonder are mentioned: unemployment payment for maximum one year, limited salary raises, installation of flexible working regimes and the creation of jobs with low wages. The result, a decrease of 2.5 million unemployed people in only 5 years time.

Question that we have to ask ourselves: should we follow the German example? “Yes”, is the employers answer, because the measurements been taken, benefit their position to compete. “No”, is the answer of the employees, because the pressure to have a job is higher than ever before and weakens the position to negotiate about job conditions.  Some people see an important threat in this trend, the amount of people who’s earning the minimum wage grows and is this a blessing for the German welfare?  The truth will be somewhere in the middle!

11 January 2011

Why you should cross the border in 2011!

Simple answer: because the grass is greener on the other side! March the second, the enthousiastic students of Maastricht organizes their yearly Life Sciences Career Event. We support with our presence at the job market and a powerful Master Class. The 15th of March, we come together in Aachen, to have a strategic HR Seminar on the Euregional labour Market, ever heard of Nightingales scenario’s?  In Eindhoven we meet again at Biomedica, the 7th and 8th  of April.  It’s a unique opportunity to meet young potentials and interesting companies in our Special Master Class. And finally we will present on our HR seminar in April success stories about cross border collaboration, we offer a stage to the believers.
Hope to meet you at one of our Skills³ activities or at Vividlinks.eu to discuss the colour of your grass!

07 September 2011

Maastricht University attracts 500 British students

  • Posted by Michiel

My attention was drawn by the following newsitem on the Flemish public television. The opening of the academic year at the University of Maastricht already revealed a trend, namely British students who are seeking for an affordable option to obtain their master degree find their way to the Dutch Universities. The President of the Executive Board of the University Maastricht, Martin Paul, speaks about a growth from 70 to 500 students in only one year. For the International image of the University it’s a strong asset, 45 percent of the student population has a foreign nationality.


The link to the newsitem on deredactie.be: http://www.deredactie.be/permalink/1.1104128





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