11 January 2011

Why you should cross the border in 2011!

Simple answer: because the grass is greener on the other side! March the second, the enthousiastic students of Maastricht organizes their yearly Life Sciences Career Event. We support with our presence at the job market and a powerful Master Class. The 15th of March, we come together in Aachen, to have a strategic HR Seminar on the Euregional labour Market, ever heard of Nightingales scenario’s?  In Eindhoven we meet again at Biomedica, the 7th and 8th  of April.  It’s a unique opportunity to meet young potentials and interesting companies in our Special Master Class. And finally we will present on our HR seminar in April success stories about cross border collaboration, we offer a stage to the believers.
Hope to meet you at one of our Skills³ activities or at Vividlinks.eu to discuss the colour of your grass!




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