07 May 2013

Medicon valley visit, second day

  • Posted by Katherine Nelissen

Monday morning we got some insight into the Danish Health care system and how it can promote innovation in Health Care, for instance by supporting companies to step into healthcare or strengthen their healthcare activities. Next, we visited the tallest building in Denmark, the Herlev Hospital, where we received an introduction into the Heart Insufficiency Telemedicine (HIT) project in which heart failure patients at 4 of the Capital Region’s nine heart failure clinics are offered telemedicine treatment. During lunchtime we visited the recently opened, innovative elderly home Sønderhaven, which was followed by a visit to the science park Symbion that was built in 1986 and now houses around 250 entrepreneurs/companies. Here, several Danish healthcare companies presented their activities to our delegation. After a long, interesting day we had a relaxing dinner at restaurant Koefoed, which has a unique location below street level in the center of Copenhagen.





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