26 May 2011

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As a fairly young organisation -LifeTechLimburg was officially launched in 2008- in a young sector in Limburg, it's our ambition to map and unite what we call 'The Limburg Life Sciences Community'.

Organizing networking opportunities (such as Zorgidee, the Interregio meetings, and Biomedica), creating an euregional life sciences career portal VividLinks and restyling/updating our website are all part of our ambition to create this community.

As our website is steadily growing, we thought it was time to venture into new social media worlds. Most obvious choice was ofcourse Linkedin. After carefully considering all different sorts of names for our group, we went for the obvious: LifeTechLimburg. It's an open group that is just waiting for your input: discussions, partner matching, jobs, networking and interesting opportunities and much more.    

 Less than one month after its creation and with limited publicity, our LinkedIn group already counts more than 120 members.

 If you want to be part of 'The Limburg Life Sciences Community', please feel free to join us on LinkedIn!




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